PHO24PHO was originally the 20th the early twentieth century in North Vietnam, located in the city of Hanoi began to journey around the world.


The PHO24 the only completely authentic taste of a world consisting of a forty year on the basis of a recipe. The release of more than 5 hours our cooked beef soup kitchen based in North Vietnam. This is the characteristic that the world of taste compared cleaner than the South Vietnamese versions more spice and aromatic plants are used.


The secret is in the soup. PHO24 recipe is the next 25 liters of juice and 22 kg beef bones, 5 kg of beef meals, Vietnamese, onions, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, star anise, sendrutions pepper, cloves and secret ingredients. Continue the recipe is secret, do not want to tell more about it, but its unique flavor soup restaurants share the world with you too.



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